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Nature’s Rainbows is a non-commercial web site maintained entirely by volunteer hobbyists and contributors.  Our mission is to provide information about UV and luminescence, premium fluorescent mineral photos, and a fluorescent mineral database for the enjoyment of FL mineral collectors around the world.  Information on this web site is covered under a Creative Commons License.

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Fluorescent Mineral Photo Gallery

Minerals that are fluorescent under shortwave, midwave, and/or longwave UV from around the world.  Each database entry shows white light photos along with UV photos, as well as localities and descriptions.  Use the index to search for specific minerals, or fluorescent minerals from a region.   If this page is entered via the index, the results are filtered.

Click any thumbnail for a full set of larger images.  Skip to the next page of images below, or filter  by

Serious question here. I just had cataract surgery and can now only see FS with sunglasses on. Does anyone know if this will improve as I heal or am I...

Friends don't let friends use crappy unfiltered 390nm flashlights.

This is an educational post, directed towards folks new to the hobby. There has been...

A pet peeve of mine is honesty in advertising.  Over the past 3+ months I’ve seen companies advertising ever higher power Convoy type flashlights – us...

People new to the hobby of fluorescent minerals typically have a lot of questions about UV.  What is the difference between shortwave (SW), midwave (M...

There is something I call the "feldspar effect". When people first start collecting fluorescent minerals in the field they usually are amazed at the t...

To produce crystals at home is an interesting experiment and if they fluoresce,  could be “magic”.

Furthermore, it’s easy and cheap.

The only ingredient...

The Ilímaussaq complex is one of the world's most fascinating igneous complexes. The abundance of rare elements has resulted in more than two hundred...

Hi, I'm FireViper, and I'm hoping to get other kids excited about fluorescent rocks and to teach them a little bit, so I'll be posting some videos on...

Glenn Waychunas

Mar 1, 2018

Normally I do not send around a report, but now that I have some responsibility with the FMS, I consider it a duty (and a ni...

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Ten sets of images are displayed at a time.  Browse the archives for past pics, or just keep hitting "Older" to load more pics. 

You may filter the view of the archive to find minerals in a certain geographic area, or those that respond to specific wavelengths or have other characteristics.  If the view is filtered the results show only that selection.

Famous localities are listed as separate geographic areas under Region View.

Using the search box above you may find specific minerals, mines, or localities.

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