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Minerals that are fluorescent under shortwave, midwave, and/or longwave UV from around the world.  Each database entry shows white light photos along with UV photos, as well as localities and descriptions.  Use the index to search for specific minerals, or fluorescent minerals from a region.   If this page is entered via the index, the results are filtered.

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Three red fluorescent calcities from Sardinia, Italy.

- The first one is a very beautiful specimen in daylight too.

Quartz and galena crystals are among...

On the typical yellow limestone matrix of this italian locality, there are several calcite cristals. Their color varies from white to honey and the di...

This mineral comes from Somma-Vesuvius Complex (Naples, Italy).

It was found around 1960s in the pumice layers of the 79 DC Vesuvius  eruption, the one...

  (English version)

The worldwide denomination aragostrontianite for this mineral is incorrect.

This carbonate tipical of Bocchieggiano / Ballarino mine...

This is fine 4" example of Strontio-Aragonite from the Boccheggiano pyrite mine in Italy.  It shows a strong red/pink fluorescence in LW.  The fluores...

The fluorescence on this bunch of aragonite crystals is unusual.  Under shortwave UV this piece is whiter than the normal peach color, also under MW....

Anglesite from Monteponi, Sardinia, Italy.

Weak yellowish fluorescence in SW-UV.

Blue-green celestine on aragonite. The celestine fluoresces a color that is hard to describe... somewhere between tan and grey. The aragonite glows br...

Samarium drives the fluorescence of this aragonite/calcite.

It's more of a mix, phases of the carbonates, rather than any pure mineral.

More about this...

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