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Nature’s Rainbows is a non-commercial web site maintained entirely by volunteer hobbyists and contributors.  Our mission is to provide information about UV and luminescence, premium fluorescent mineral photos, and a fluorescent mineral database for the enjoyment of FL mineral collectors around the world.  Information on this web site is covered under a Creative Commons License.

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Fluorescent Mineral Photo Gallery

Minerals that are fluorescent under shortwave, midwave, and/or longwave UV from around the world.  Each database entry shows white light photos along with UV photos, as well as localities and descriptions.  Use the index to search for specific minerals, or fluorescent minerals from a region.   If this page is entered via the index, the results are filtered.

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This single, double terminated Herkimer diamond-like, quartz crystals is from Pakistan.  It is a beautiful little specimen when viewed under natural l...

These are double terminated, Herkimer diamond-like, quartz crystals from Pakistan that contain petroleum (oil) inclusions.  When viewed under visible...

I picked this piece up in Tucson..  It has dozens of bright yellow fluorescing apatite crystals but what attracted me was the large topaz crystal (ass...

This is a giant feldspar crystal (a single crystal) with attached quartz, uranyl activated.  The unusual blue fluorescence (SW) is suspected of being...

Nice crystal of feldspar on a quartz matrix.  Green fluorescing areas are uranyl activated coating.

Apatite is usually fluorescent a bright lemon yellow under SW and dimmer under MW and sometimes LW.  This specimen fluoresces the typical lemon yellow...

Ruby is really always best under longwave UV, and this piece is no exception.  The marble(?) matrix is also nicely fluorescent...

(LW shown with white...

Sassi, Gilgit-Baltistan (Northern Areas), Pakistan - Shown under shortwave UV, equally fluorescent all wavelengths

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Ten sets of images are displayed at a time.  Browse the archives for past pics, or just keep hitting "Older" to load more pics. 

You may filter the view of the archive to find minerals in a certain geographic area, or those that respond to specific wavelengths or have other characteristics.  If the view is filtered the results show only that selection.

Famous localities are listed as separate geographic areas under Region View.

Using the search box above you may find specific minerals, mines, or localities.

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