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Tugtupite from the Type Locality - Greenland

Tugtupite is found in only three places in the world: Greenland, Kola Russia, and MSH Canada. Only pieces from Greenland are of any significant size and offer a wide range of responses. This piece is from the exact place where tugtupite was originally discovered in the late 50's - Tugtup Aktoforia, Ilimaussaq Complex, Greenland. It is very unusual, showing a strong peach fluorescence under SW, a whitish color under MW, and the typical salmon color under LW. It is also very phosphorescent. These pieces are not usually tenebrescent. (When first discovered by a member of the MinerShop Geo-Tours it was not even recognized to be tugtupite, and was given the nickname "Tugtulite" until an ID was confirmed.)

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