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Willemite on calcite, w/ diopside - W. Pierrepont, NY

Willemite on calcite, w/ diopside - W. Pierrepont, NY. Very phosphorescent. SW, phosphorescent, Natural - iso100, 4 secs, f11

Comment from FB on the diopside: Gregory Lesinski I don't think diopside as much as lesser fluorescing calcite. This material was found by Dino Zack ca. (Aka Amzinite after his wife Amy!) October 2001 only one chunk was found before the mine was reclaimed. That is the only willemite calcite found there! I found 2 willemite chunks and one vein but no calcite in association. Unlike Franklin, Sterling it was very rare at Pierrepont. Balmat had some nice ones but they are not as rich or crystallized like Franklin Sterling material. Many who have never been there do not realize that.

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