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FMS UV Waves Article Index 1997 to Jan 2014

Several years ago I was looking for an article I remembered in the FMS UV Waves. The FMS maintains an archive of old issues on their web site but there was no index to the articles. T'was a cold, wintry night so I took it on myself to create an index. The year was 2014 and I found what I wanted. I'm making that index public here so other members of the FMS can use it to find specific articles. I haven't updated it since 2014 and nobody within the FMS has expressed an interest in maintaining it. If anyone wants to volunteer I'll gladly turn the spreadsheet over to them - just let me know!

Click to access the spreadsheet: UV Waves Article Index

For now, you can sort the table by author, title, topics, or date. Just find what you're looking for and make a note of the volume number and cruise on over to the FMS web site to download it (but you have to be a member and apply for login privileges to access the archive).

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