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Strangely Tenebrescent Sodalite, Unusual Fluorescence - Greenland

These pieces were discovered around 2012 on the far eastern Taseq Slope. The discoverer (P Hintz) nicknamed them "Seal Sodalite" in reference to the dark gray colored sodalite (a first for the Ilimaussaq Complex). In this piece the partial sodalite crystal (see closeup) fluoresces a nice bright orange as you would expect, both LW and SW. BUT - strangely, other areas on the rock exhibit tenebrescence! These areas are not at all fluorescent under LW and dimly fluorescent under SW, reminiscent of feldspar. But they are very tenebrescent. EDS testing has confirmed the presence of sodalite in the matrix but I believe it to be a homogenous mix of feldspar and sodalite. Very unusual and only found in one area (to date). The animation below shows this tenebrescence after exposure to shortwave UV.

Animation showing the tenebrescent hackmanite

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