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A Short Study on Rare Occurrences of Apatite from the Ilimaussaq Complex, Greenland, associated w/ B

Rarest of the rare from Greenland - apatite has only been observed in a handful of pieces over the decade+ we have been exploring Greenland. The white-light photo I took below was of a piece found one year; I did not have my UV camera so no UV photos of this piece. The 2nd piece is of a specimen collected by Howie Green (and in his collection). The apatite fluoresces a nice blue under MW, really nothing under SW or LW. The specimens found have either been in a blue sodalite matrix or in association with sorensenite. The 2nd set of photos shows apatite in association with sorensenite, white light and midwave. The 3rd set of photos show the apatite fluorescing yellow under SW (not observed in the specimens shown in the first set of photos).

Apatite closeup - white light

Closeup of Apatite- unusual habit

Apatite on Sodalite - midwave

Apatite on Sodalite - Midwave (Photo Howie Green)

Apatite and Sorensenite - Midwave

Apatite and Sorensenite under MW (Photo M Cole)

Apatite Midwave

Apatite and Sorensenite white light (Photo M Cole)


Jan Sanderhoff in the Facebook group made a new discovery. Sorensenite (pink) and apatite (blue) in white light. FOV: 80x50 mm. The apatite on this piece fluoresces yellow under LW (365nm Convoy torch). He doesn't report the fluorescence MW, but the LW response is the first I have observed from Greenland. Photos below show SW, LW, White Light and a closeup. Courtesy Jan Sanderhoff on FB.

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