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Tugtupite Crystals, Ilimaussaq Complex, Greenland - One of the World's Finest Examples

Tugtupite Crystals (shown tenebrescent)

Until 2001 (when I first traveled to Greenland) tugtupite was really only known from the tugtupite mines on Kvanefjeld. There were reports of other varieties and locales, but none was ever available to collectors. Crystals were unheard of. In 2002 we made a major discovery of tugtupite on the eastern part of the Taseq Slope. We found veins of tugtupite in an analcime and/or lujavrite matrix. A major characteristic of the tugtupite found in this area is the presence of tugtupite crystals. Small vugs occur in the analcime matrix and occasionally small tug crystals are found. I had never seen pictures of tugtupite crystals (or heard of) from MSH or Kola. Now they have only been documented in these pieces from Greenland, and even then, very rarely. And tugtupite is found nowhere else in the world.

This is the finest specimen I have ever found. A large showing runs down the middle of the piece, along with one side which is covered in a druze of micro-crystals.

Of course the tugtupite fluoresces a bright cherry red. Small areas of green fluorescence are unknown micro-crystals often associated with tugtupite crystals . Under LW, the color of the tugtupite shifts to the typical salmon color. Midwave reveals some unusual color - common with tugtupite crystals. The slideshow pics below the fluorescent pics show various closeups of the crystals, and there's an animation at the end showing the tenebrescence (color change after exposure to SW UV).

Animation showing tenebrescence

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