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Beautifully Rich Calcite and Selenite Crystals

This specimen was found in an estate sale of a very prolific collector. Sadly, none of the specimens had ID tags. From the majority of the collection it appears that he self-collected most of the material, most of it from areas in Tennessee, MO, GA, AR, etc. - deep south/southeast. I'm going to assume it is from this region - if anyone has come across similar and knows the locality please let me know.

It appears that the very pretty light pink flourescing (shortwave) areas are calcite; they exhibit a brief, but strong, intense phosphorescence (BIP). Under MW the color shifts to a whiter hue, and under LW almost pure white. It is also nicely phosphorescent, lasting a few seconds.

Calcite - Shortwave
Closeup - Natural (white) light

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