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Fluorescent/Phosphorescent Calcite from a Little Known Midwestern Location- Bedford, Indiana

This milky white calcite cleavage fragment was collected in 2016 from a roadcut along Indiana State Route 37 in Bedford, Indiana, very near to the location of the specimens described in my two previous posts regarding blue and green phosphorescent fluorite from the same area. This calcite shows a Terlingua-type fluorescent response, with blue/pink triangular zones of fluorescence seen under short wave UV with lasting blue/white phosphorescence. A dim pink response is seen under long wave UV (not shown). The size of this specimen is 37 x 33 x 26 mm, and it weighs 28 grams.

Fluorescence under short wave UV (254 nm). Note the bright, triangular zones of fluorescence, typical of a Terlingua-type response.

Bright and lasting blue phosphorescence is seen following exposure to short wave UV. Again, note the bright triangular zones.

Same specimen shown under visible light.

View of the IN Route 37 roadcut where the specimen was collected at the north end of Bedford.

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