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Afghanite, Calcite, Phlogopite, w/ Unknowns - Afghanistan

A lot going on with this amazing specimen from Badakshan, Afghanistan. The large picture is shown under fullwave (SW+MW+LW) - phlogopite yellow, afghanite orange, calcite red, and unknown white crystals (perhaps gypsum) and unknown blue fluorescence under MW. Best displayed under all three lamps: SW brings out the phlogopite and white crystals, MW makes the calcite pop, and brings out a blue fluorescence from an unknown mineral, and LW is best for the afghanite. Individual pictures under each wavelength is shown in the 2nd gallery of thumbnails, and closeups in the 3rd gallery.

The blue fluorescence is most interesting. As of now, no idea what mineral it might be - but very unusual as it is a midwave reactive mineral only.

Afghanite, Phlogopite +++ - Fullwave

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