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Strangely Tenebrescent Sodalite on Feldspar, Dramatic color contrast, Unique tenebrescence

I’ve handled a lot of sodalite/hackmanite from Greenland (and other parts of the world) but this material is the strangest I’ve seen.

Areas on this rock are very tenebrescent - just like any of the superior Greenland Hackmanites. But - and a big but - the tenebrescent areas are NOT fluorescent like sodalite normally is from the Complex (orange, or a rusty orange color) under either LW or SW. They fluoresce a deep magenta like a very bright feldspar. An added plus - they tenebresce (change color) under longwave (or sunlight) as well as shortwave UV.

The animations below show this color change. Note that the orange fluorescing areas of sodalite are not tenebrescent at all, while the magenta fluorescing areas are. If we assume that the tenebrescent areas are sodalite then this would be a first for Greenland material - sodalite that doesn’t fluoresce under LW and fluoresces magenta under SW. Preliminary tests have proven that this is actually sodalite with a vastly different fluorescence but a strong tenebrescence.

Tenebrescent Sodalite Hackmanite

Animation showing tenebrescence

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