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Scapolite, Feldspar and Uraninite; Ontario, Canada

Very interesting fluorescent specimen consisting of a cluster of large, blocky, light-colored scapolite crystals (partially altered to feldspar, var. unkn), and black inclusions of uraninite. The scapolite fluoresces red under short wave UV, and the uraninite is not fluorescent. Because uraninite is one of the primary ore minerals of uranium, this piece is radioactive (approx. 82,000 cpm). Unfortunately much of the location information is unknown for this piece, other than that it was collected from an unnamed mine in Ontario, Canada. The size is 57 x 44 x 35 mm, and it weighs 84 grams.

There's an interesting story behind this specimen. It was given to me as a gift in return for identifying some unlabeled mineral specimens for a local gift/crystal healing shop. They were planning to put it out for sale to the general public. Considering that it is radioactive and emits 82,000 cpm, I wonder what kind of crystal healing this would be good for? Maybe radiation treatment of cancer???!

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