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Scapolite (Marialite) Crystals on Matrix, Afghanistan - Multi-Wave response, on Talc

Marialite Crystals on Talc - AFghanistan - SW

There’s a lot of confusion about the minerals from Afghanistan. Sometimes they are called wernerite, other times scapolite, and even other times misidentified as sodalite/hackmanite. Wernerite is an obsolete name used to describe a member of the scapolite group. So far, all of these crystallized specimens appear to be marialite - so that’s what I’m gonna call it.

This piece is a large crystal of gem translucent piece of marialite, w/ several smaller crystals on matrix. Under SW it fluoresces a deep red, shows a dark yellow under MW, and brighter yellow under LW. We have a lot to learn about the scapolite series of minerals from Afghanistan.

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