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Wollastonite and Calcite - White Knob Quarry, Lucerne Valley, San Bernardino Co., California, USA

The White Knob Quarry is operated by Omya, mining white calcium carbonate. Mainly a marble and limestone quarry, much of the gangue ore is tossed aside and, luckily for us, nicely fluorescent. These include the primary (nicest) fluorescent species - wollastonite (bright yellow SW) that has metamorphasized from the limestone. Others include calcite (dull orange, manganese), green hyalite opal, bluish diopside, a white dolomite, and several other unidentified minerals. Mn, U Zn, Fe, and REE's all probably act as activators. With careful prospecting some spectacular multi-color specimens can be found.

Wollastonite on Calcite - White Knob Quarry, CA

Wollastonite and Calcite - Shortwave UV

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