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Calcite Cleavage Rhomb, Cave Stone Co. Quarry, Norristown, Indiana

Although this is not one of my more brightly-fluorescent specimens, it nonetheless shows a beautiful response under UV. It is a fractured cleavage rhomb of milky-translucent calcite with an internal honey-colored region, from the Cave Stone Co. Quarry, Norristown, Shelby Co., Indiana. Under short wave UV a dim blue response is seen with a brighter internal zone of moderate orange fluorescence corresponding to the honey-colored region seen in daylight. There are also limited areas that show bright blue phosphorescence when the short wave source is turned off. Under mid wave UV a brighter blue/pink overall response is seen, with an internal zone of brighter pink fluorescence, again corresponding to the honey-colored region. This specimen is only dimly fluorescent under long wave UV (no photos shown). The Cave Stone Co. Quarry location, in Norristown, Indiana, has been closed for years, it is also known for having produced brightly-fluorescent Terlingua-type calcite. The size of this specimen is 51 x 40 x 28 mm, and it weighs 88 grams.

Mouse over the photographs as they scroll to see wavelength information.

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