Scheelite and Fluorite, Yxsjöberg Mine, Ljusnarsberg, Västmanland, Sweden

From the collection of T. Österberg

The Yxsjöberg Mine in Sweden is a copper-tungsten deposit discovered in 1728. It has been mined for copper throughout the years but in the early 1900's became a producer of tungsten and fluorite. It was mined off and on until 1989 when it finally closed completely and the mine flooded. It seems that fluorspar was the most recent mineral mined.

Under shortwave UV it fluorescences the typical very bright blue. It gets interesting under midwave and longwave.

Under midwave the fluorescence shifts to a nice bright yellow. Parts of the matrix have a dull red response - calcite? Areas of fluorite are just starting to show up, but don't really fluoresce well until LW is applied.

Under longwave the scheelite fluoresces a two-toned yellow/tan, and the fluorite shows up. Note that this requires a powerful LW light such as the new Convoy 365nm flashlight that just hit the market.

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