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Celestine, Strontianite and Calcite, from the Stoneco Quarry, Lime City, Ohio

From the Stoneco Quarry, Lime City, Wood Co., Ohio, this is a beautiful Midwestern fluorescent specimen consisting of blocky, white celestine crystals , partially altered to strontianite, and small calcite scalenohedrons on a limestone matrix. This specimen shows a similar bright fluorescent response under all UV wavelengths, with the celestine and calcite showing bright blue/white fluorescence with a bright blue/green (short wave) and green (long wave) phosphorescence. The limestone matrix fluoresces a dimmer cream/yellow color, and provides a lovely contrasting background to the more brightly fluorescent minerals. The size of this specimen is 12 x 7 x 6 cm, and it weighs 242 grams.

Long Wave UV (365nm)

Click on the above images for UV wavelength information.

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