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Manganaxinite and Willemite - Franklin, NJ

We have a bunch of folks attending the Franklin "SuperDigg" this April (2017). Many of them are carrying the new Convoy 365nm LW flashlight (see the GlowNotes article on this light) so I thought it would be nice to give folks an idea of what many of the minerals they hope to find would look like under the Convoy. This light is very powerful and puts out a pinpoint beam which causes fluorescence in minerals not thought to really be LW fluorescent. In some cases you have to hold the light right up against the rock but it gives a great hint about what it is and what it might look like under shortwave. This is a piece of manganaxinite and willemite. The first pic is SW while the 2nd pic is LW 365nm Convoy. The manganaxite is actually nicely fluorescent under both - the Convoy light and of course SW.

Manganaxinite and Willemite - Franklin, NJ - Shortwave

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