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Very Phosphorescent Radiating Willemite, on Calcite - Franklin, NJ

As explained by Earl Verbeek, resident Franklin FLM guru: "The term "radiating willemite" has nothing to do with its fluorescent or phosphorescent properties and refers only to the radiating habit of the mineral. In tight fractures these can take the form of intergrown, flat, radiating rosettes, but in larger openings one can get three-dimensional radiating masses. The latter are locally referred to informally as "cones." Most radiating willemite from Franklin and Sterling Hill shows bright and prolonged phosphorescence, but some does not where it has been serpentinized; these are usually tan to brown in color. There is also much local willemite that shows wonderful phosphorescence but does not have a radiating habit."

Willemite = green, Calcite= red/org - Second pic shows the extreme phosphorescence....

Radiating Willemite - Franklin, NJ - Shortwave

Radiating Willemite - Franklin, NJ - Phosphorescent

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