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Red Sodalite (Hackmanite) with Pzazz - Ilimaussaq Complex, Greenland

"Red" sodalite is found in one area along the southern shore of the Tunuliarfik Fjord. It is so named because the almost colorless sodalite turns a nice reddish color when exposed to sunlight. Exposed to shortwave UV (UVC) it deepens to a grape purple (tenebrescence). The color is faded by exposure to any UV free white light, and can be repeated indefinitely. (See the animation pic)

Under SW UV the colors on this piece really make for an interesting specimen. Bright green fluorescence is uranyl activated while the blue fluorescence is from an unknown mineral. The sodalite starts out a nice bright orange and deepens to a rust color as the tenebrescence sets in. Under LW the whole pieces fluoresces a nice bright orange.

Red Sodalite under shortwave UV - Greenland

Animation showing tenebrescence

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