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Afghanistan Mix - Afghanite, Phlogopite, Calcite, Scapolite, Albite - Amazing Color

And the Afghanistan rocks just keep coming! This area will be a prolific source of fluorescent minerals if we can ever get someone with a real UV light exploring the mines.

This piece has afghanite, fluorescent a dull orange under LW UV; it seems to have a deep, dark, but saturated blue fluorescence under MW. The matrix is calcite fluorescing orange under MW and SW. A secondary matrix appears to be albite fluorescing a bright blu/wht under SW only. Crystals of bright yellow fluorescing phlogopite dot the albite matrix while a bright yellow fluorescing scapolite appears at the contact points between the calcite and the albite.

As in all Afghani pieces, this piece has minerals which each glow best under a different wavelength. Putting them under all three (fullwave) results in the best display (IMHO).

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