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Multi-wave Calcite from the Franklin Mine, New Jersey

So many times when we see on blindingly bright calcite from Franklin, we yawn. However, sometimes there's a surprise. As usual, this one's quite bright under shortwave, of course with the obligatory green willemite specs and black franklinite splotches. However, under midwave, it's amazing. Peach, pink, fuchsia , blue, a little red, a little white and specs of green willemite, too. Longwave, mostly lighter reds and fuchsias, plus the willemite. Not shown is the familiar bright red brief, intense, phosphorescence (BIP); interestingly, it's the same under all wave lengths. Diversity, even in calcites from Franklin, is a wonderful thing. The rock on the left is three and a half pounds; the one on the right is about two and three-quarters.

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