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Polylithionite from Greenland

Plates of silvery polylithionite mica and pink crystals of eudialyte dominate this specimen from Kangerluarssaq fjord, Ilímaussaq complex, Narsaq, Greenland. Under short wave UV the polylithionite fluoresces bright off-white. The eudialyte is not fluorescent. Interestingly, this specimen is also mildly radioactive, emitting approximately 150 cpm at 1 cm. The size of this piece is 77 x 73 x 34 mm, and it weighs 147 grams. As the name implies, polylithionite is a lithium-bearing mica.

Polylithionite seen under short wave UV (254nm).

Photograph of the same specimen seen under visible light. Note the pink crystals of eudialyte.

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