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Vorobyevite, Apatite, on Feldspar - Afghanistan

Vorobyevite is a member of the beryl family. It is a cesium beryl - rich in REE cesium. Naturally colored a light blue, it is very fluorescent under SW UV and mildly reacts to MW and LW. It is also very phosphorescent with a pleasing greenish color (makes one think of chlorophane). An added bonus is the bright yellow crystal of apatite.

Several websites describe the origin of this relatively new mineral. Perhaps the best is copied below from:

"Originally discovered in Russia, some of the best specimens have more recently come from Afghanistan. Even the origins of these new finds have been confusing. Deliberate and accidental misinformation has originally labelled these vorobyevite specimens as coming from the high mountains of Pakistan, when they were actually mined in neighboring Afghanistan. The specific locality was not verified until this year in 2015.

The mineral's very identity is confusing as well. Vorobyevite may have originally been slated as a new mineral, independent of the beryl family, but scientists have argued that there was not enough cesium content to justify a new species. Instead, it became a variety of beryl. But even that title has been diminished - it is now simply considered "cesium beryl". At best, it is now a variety of a variety of beryl."

The first pic below is under shortwave UV, and the gallery below that shows pics under MW, LW and natural.

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