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Belgian smithsonite

One of Belgium's lesser known fluorescent minerals is smithsonite. It fluoresces weakly in SW UV but much stronger in the powerbeam of the Convoy S2+. The red fluorescence is activated by some lanthanide series elements. There's also a blue component caused by manganese and some humic acids. Contrary to the Mexican smithsonite from the Potosi mine, the Belgian counterpart is as good as lead-free. I placed a comparative spectrum on the MKA 's fluorescent minerals site. Go there to see it:

Locality is: Vieille Montagne (Altenberg; Kelmisberg), Kelmis (La Calamine), Plombières- Vieille Montagne-Moresnet (Plombières-Altenberg-Moresnet) mining district, Verviers, Liège Province, Belgium

Specimen in halogen light. Collection: Francois Wouters

In 365 nm UV from Convoy S2+ Collection: Francois Wouters

Detail in halogen light Collection: Francois Wouters

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