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Multi-Colored Fluorescence from the Tadpole District, Imperial Co., California

Here's a beautiful, multi-colored fluorescent specimen from a little-known area in Imperial County, California. This little fluorescent gem was collected from unspecified mine in the Tadpole District of the Palo Verde Mountians in Southern California. This specimen contains barite, fluorite and caliche, and measures 61 x 43 x 29 mm.

Located near the northwest end of the Palo Verde Mountains, the Tadpole District is comprised of a dozen or so former mines that produced barite, manganese, fluorspar and other minerals.

As shown in the above photograph, this specimen shows the brightest fluorescent response under long wave UV (365 nm). It shows similar fluorescence under short wave (254 nm) and mid wave (302 nm) UV, but is less bright. The fluorite fluoresces blue, the barite bright blue/white, and the caliche orange.

Above, visible light image of the same specimen. Note the white bladed barite crystals.

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