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Fluorescent albite, with scapolite, from the Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

Shown here is a nice cabinet-sized specimen of calc-silicated skarn rock containing scapolite (typical bright yellow response under LW), albite (purple SW, purplish-blue MW and blue LW), as well as non-fluorescent minerals (quartz, diopside, pyrite, titanite, etc). Since I am not the discoverer of this site, I cannot reveal the exact locality; anyways, it is currently mostly depleted. This sample was given to me by the person who found this spot.

The albite is not the brightest I've seen, but still just bright enough to be put on the upper "step" of a well-lit display.

Size: 11,9 cm X 10,3 cm X 7,5 cm

Specimen shown here fluorescing under SW; the scapolite is weaker than usual under SW, but the lovely purple glow of the albite is pretty nice.

MW response - under this wavelength, the scapolite is somehow brighter, but still weaker than usual. The albite shifts to a bluer color under longer UV wavelengths. I have no idea what's the greenish fluorescing mineral; the discoverer of this locality said he planned to have it analyzed someday. I will update the post when I have more informations.

LW fluorescence. Under LW, the albite glows blue; it is weakest under LW, brightest SW. The scapolite shows the typical fiercely bright yellow LW response, and the greenish unidentified mineral is at its best under LW.

Specimen in visible light.



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