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Fluorescent and phosphorescent fluorite from Hamilton, Ontario

Nice crystals of light yellowish-amber fluorite, lining a vug in dolomitic limestone. From the famous Flamboro Quarry (often misspelled "Flamborough Quarry"), West Flamborough Township, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

In the first picture, the specimen is shown fluorescing under longwave UV; then in the next pictures, are shown, respectively: LW phosphorescence, midwave UV fluorescence, MW phosphorescence, shortwave UV fluorescence, SW phosphorescence, blue light (450 nm) fluorescence, green light (532 nm) fluorescence and lastly, the specimen is shown in visible light. This specimen is at its best under longwave, but fluoresces pretty nicely under MW & SW too.

Recently acquired in a trade; unfortunately, to this day, I never had a chance to visit this place myself. It is definitely on my bucket list; not only for the nice fluorite found there, but also because small but gorgeous orange sphalerite crystals (non fluorescent, alas) are also found there, as well as calcite and others.

Size: 13.3 cm x 9.1 cm x 6.9 cm

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