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Gem Sodalite (Hackmanite), Prehnite - Greenland

Let's face it - most rocks from Greenland are butt-ugly. Sure, gem tugtupite is pretty, along with the occasional crystal find (sorensenite, etc) but most of them have been squeezed, squozed, metamorphasized, and generally abused by mother nature - UNTIL you put them under the light.

This is a piece of material - sodalite (hackmanite) with a beautiful gem translucent mineral we think might be phrenite. I find it almost as striking under white light as under UV. There is also an unknown dim fluorescent white mineral at the bottom. Strong tenebrescence, striking LW, and very gemmey. The first pic shows a closeup of the beautiful translucent green areas under white light, while the 2nd pic shows the response under longwave UV. The third (animation) shows the color change after exposure to SW UV.

White light while tenebrescent

Longwave - Sodalite

Animation showing tenebrescence

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