• Frédéric Messier Leroux

LW, MW & SW tenebrescent hackmanite - Davis Quarry, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada

Beautiful specimen of sodalite var. hackmanite, from the now inaccessible Davis quarry, near Bancroft. This specimen was given to me by a collector in Quadeville, Ontario; according to him, this quality is pretty much the best that was found in this quarry, and nearly impossible to find on the market nowadays. Based on other specimens I've seen, I have no problem believing this; other specimens I've seen were much less tenebrescent, and did not fluoresce as bright as this one.

Small cabinet sized specimen - 8,8 cm X 4,9 cm X 5,4 cm

In the slideshow below, are shown, respectively: longwave UV fluorescence, LW tenebrescence, MW fluorescence, SW fluorescence, SW tenebrescence and lastly, natural color (still some pink remaining; impossible to fully "bleach" the tenebrescent color, except maybe after many hours under a very bright white light source).

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