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Schalenblende, Raibl Mines, Tarvisio, Italy

Specimen of fluorescent schalenblende from the Raibl Mines, Cave del Predil, Tarvisio, Udine Province, Friulli Benezia Giulia, Italy, consisting of swirling bands of orange fluorescent sphalerite and cream/white fluorescent dolomite, with minor non-fluorescent galena. As shown in the photographs below, this specimen shows its best response under long wave UV, but is also weakly fluorescent under short wave UV. This size of this piece is 111 x 80 x 48 mm, and it weighs 405 grams.

The photograph above shows the schalenblende specimen at its best under long wave UV (365 nm). The sphalerite fluoresces orange, while the dolomite contrasts nicely with a cream/white response.

Same specimen showing phosphorescence/afterglow following exposure to long wave UV (365 nm).

The photograph above shows the fluorescent response under short wave UV (254 nm).

Brief, dim, phosphorescence/afterglow is seen following exposure to short wave UV (254 nm).

Full view of the schalenblende specimen shown under visible light.

This specimen was featured on the cover of the 2020 issue of the Journal of the Fluorescent Mineral Society (vol. 38). Schalenblende is at upper left.

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