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Richly Colored Sodalite (Hackmanite) from Afghanistan

Sodalite / Hackmanite, with winchite, richterite, calcite and a few unknowns. Very unusual fluorescent responses, tenebrescent, phosphorescent - Gemmy

Large specimen with gemmy crystals of sodalite and winchite. The sodalite has varying responses to all wavelengths with a beautiful pink response under a combination of SW and LW. It is very tenebrescent, darkening to a deep purple in seconds. Unlike Greenland hackmanite, it can take a long time to fade back (time depends on the intensity of the light source).

The winchite has a creamy yellow response to all wavelengths, and well-formed crystals. There appears to be a large crystal of richterite on the bottoms and sides (dull red). I’m not sure it the reddish area seen on the front is calcite or richterite.

The sodalite is amazingly phosphorescent (see pics). Both the sodalite and the winchite are gemmy and quite translucent.

Sodalite Hackmanite - Fullwave


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