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Sodalite (Hauyne?), Phlogopite, Gonnardite, Unknowns - Afghanistan

When I first started bringing rocks back from Greenland we were mystified by our finds. Tugtupite and sodalite were obvious, but the many other fluorescent minerals had never been seen/documented and were complete unknowns to us. Afghanistan is in that state now. Phlogopite, afghanite, usually marialite are pretty obvious, but there are many minerals which will take time to identify - especially given the very limited access we have to the mining locales.

This piece was ID'd as green sodalite. I have my misgivings on that ID - I think it is hauyne and gonnardite. A fresh face reveals massive phlogopite (I think) along with brightly yellow fluorescing hauyne (or sodalite?). The really strange mineral to me is the bright orange. It does not have a calcite cleavage, is really not very fluorescent under midwave, and has a very distinct color.

The first pic below is shown under fullwave - SW+MW+LW. This is really the best way to display these minerals from Afghanistan. Below that are pics of each individual wavelength (mouse over to see).

Sodalite (Hauyne?), Phlogopite, Gonnardite, Unknowns - Afghanistan, Fullwave

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