Sodalite syenite from Monchique, Faro, Portugal

Sodalite syenite from Monchique, shown, in the first picture, fluorescing under shortwave UV and longwave UV combined. Shortwave UV makes the feldspar fluoresce the typical dull red SW response commonly seen in feldspars; and longwave UV is added to excite the sodalite, which shows the typical orange longwave UV response. The sodalite does not react at all under shortwave. Under SW, minor amounts of yellow fluorescing zircon (visible in the lower left side of the specimen) are seen.

In the next pictures, the specimen is shown fluorescing under shortwave only, then longwave only, and finally, it is shown in visible light.

Shortwave + Longwave UV

Shortwave UV

Longwave UV

Visible light.

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