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Tugtupite, chkalovite & analcime, from the Taseq Slope, Ilímaussaq complex, Kujalleq, Greenland

Really nice small cabinet specimen of tugtupite (bright cherry red SW), chkalovite (pearl-white and blueish-white SW) and analcime (blue), with areas of bright uranyl-activated green fluorescence. This recently acquired specimen is currently my favorite among my Greenlandic fluorescent minerals; I really like how well balanced the colors are.

Shown in the slideshow below, respectively: shortwave UV fluorescence, then phosphorescence of the tugtupite upon exposure to SW UV, then midwave and longwave UV fluorescence, visible light, then closeup pictures of the specimen in the same sequence (except SW phosphorescence which isn't shown in the closeups).

Note how the phosphorescence is visible mostly in the solid grains of tugtupite; in the areas where tugtupite is present only as a thin replacement rim around chkalovite, the phosphorescence is much weaker and these thin rims are not tenebrescent.

Under midwave, the color of the tenebrescent solid tugtupite grains shifts to a pinkish red color; and the tugtupite that occurs as thin replacement rims around chkalovite fluoresces orange. The response of the chkalovite shifts to a yellowish white color. As usual, longwave is the less colorful but still pretty bright and showy in this case.

Size: 8 cm x 5.9 cm x 5.1 cm

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