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Two colors longwave UV fluorescent specimen from Grenville-Sur-La-Rouge, Québec, Canada

This specimen consists of a combination of scapolite, with an unidentified mineral that glows very bright light blue under longwave UV. This mineral glows almost as bright as English fluorite, but a very different color, which makes me doubt it is fluorite.

The scapolite fluoresces a nice bright yellow under longwave, but is quite weak under midwave, and barely reacts to shortwave.

Under midwave, a weak red fluorescing mineral (calcite?) shows up; and under shortwave, small spots of a very bright blueish-white fluorescing unidentified mineral show up.

Shown in the slideshow below, respectively: Longwave UV, midwave UV, shortwave UV and the specimen in visible light.

Size: 8,9 cm X 5,9 cm X 4,3 cm

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