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#UVUnited Patent Fight - Summary of Funding and Lawsuit

Lots of folks are interested in the current status. Here's a quick summary of funds raised and important milestones in the court fight.

  • $770 donated thru the funding website since Jun 2022 ($21,723 total raised since we began)

  • Over $1,000 donated directly since Jun 22 via paypal (no fees from the funding website), mostly raised thru auctions. Expect this number to double tomorrow night when MinerShop's ebay auctions end this Sunday (proceeds donated to the fund).

Engenious (funded by UVUnited) is winning motion after motion in this ridiculous battle (over three lawsuits so far), as the milestones below show.



  • AUGUST 19, 2022 - WTC LOSES Judge denies Way too Cool motion to dismiss Engenious counterclaims.

  • JUNE 27, 2022 Engenious Says Its Nine Affirmative Defenses & Four Counterclaims Against Mr. Gardner & Way Too Cool Are Adequately Pled and Should Proceed to Trial

  • JUNE 15, 2022 Way Too Cool Refute Engenious’ Affirmative Defenses and Counterclaims

  • MAY 31, 2022 Engenious Answers Mr. Gardner & Way Too Cool’s Latest Patent Infringement Complaint, Denies Everything of Substance, Raises Nine Affirmative Defenses & Asserts Four Counterclaims

  • MAY 9, 2022 - WTC FINALLY WINS ONE Court Accepts Way Too Cool’s Latest Complaint Accusing Engenious of Patent Infringement, the third lawsuit is allowed to proceed

  • FEBRUARY 21, 2022 Engenious Designs Says Way Too Cool’s Latest 544-paragraph, 67-page Complaint Is No Better Than the First

  • FEBRUARY 7, 2022 Way Too Cool File Fresh 544-paragraph, 67-page Complaint Accusing Engenious Designs of Infringing on Patented Ultraviolet Flashlight Technology

  • JANUARY 25, 2022 - WTC LOSES Way Too Cool’s third lawsuit dismissed against Engenious Designs (but they are allowed to amend) “ still falls short of plausibly alleging direct infringement”

  • DECEMBER 21, 2021 Engenious Designs Responds to Way Too Cool’s Third Lawsuit

  • NOVEMBER 24, 2021 - WTC LOSES Court Dismisses Way Too Cool’s Second "Too Conclusory Lawsuit" Against Engenious Designs and, Within Hours, a More Detailed Complaint Appears, Third Lawsuit filed – this is the currently active lawsuit

  • NOVEMBER 12, 2021 Engenious Designs Points Out More Flaws in Way Too Cool’s Ultraviolet Patent Infringement Lawsuit

  • NOVEMBER 1, 2021 Way Too Cool Resist Pre-Trial Dismissal of Their UV Patent Lawsuit Against Engenious Designs

  • OCTOBER 11, 2021 Engenious Designs Moves to Dismiss UV LED Patent Infringement Lawsuit

  • AUGUST 24, 2021 Way Too Cool Complain Engenious Designs’ FYRFLY, DBL BARREL and PRPLHAZE Products Infringe on Ultraviolet Light Technology Patent

  • DECEMBER 27, 2021 Second lawsuit filed, Way Too Cool Accuse Engenious Design of Playing Patent Infringement Litigation Shell Game

  • JULY 21 2020 - WTC LOSES First lawsuit dismissed

  • JANUARY 29 2020 Way Too Cool files First lawsuit in Arizona

Many of these filings are posted in the "Files" section here in the FB fluorescent mineral group. Further details can be found on Pacer (login required).

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