Sodalite (Hackmanite), Tugtupite, Chkalovite, Analcime(?) - Ilimaussaq Complex, Greenland


This material is striking.  The sodalite appears as crystal blebs in matrix, with a few spots of tugtupite encircling a bright white chkalovite.  Areas where the sodalite contacts the matrix are fluorescent a bright bluish/white (perhaps with a green tint).  Conventional wisdom has been that this is analcime, but I am having my doubts.  The fluorescent analcime from this area is a bright blue/white and usually solid (massive) crystals.  This is different.  The fluorescence also occurs in the black area (which is non-fluorescent lujavrite).  Also, beautiful little sprays of dark green aegirine crystals cover both faces.  Another Greenland beauty (and mystery).





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