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Convoy S2+ 365nm Flashlight Torch Review, The Most Significant Innovation in UV Mineral Lights in Years

Until recently, the only LW lights collectors had to use (effectively) in the field were complicated and expensive battery powered fluorescent UV lights.  Folks tried using the myriad array of cheap 390nm/395nm LED flashlights (often falsely advertised as 365nm), or similarly poor 4W/6W fluorescent blacklight toys, but were quickly disappointed by the low power (in spite of claims to the contrary) and overwhelming blue/purple light from these low-end products.  This light is different.

Visit this GlowNotes Blog article For a full review, discussion, and links to buy one.

Convoy S2+ UV Torch | Flashlight
Questions on the Convoy S2+ with Nichia 365nm 3 watt LED keep coming. Most are answered on the Nature's Rainbows blog post , but perhaps it is just too long for folks to I'm posting answers
to the most frequently asked questions here

Before I get started; the Convoy has become very popular and dozens of sellers from China and the US are offering it at prices ranging from $60 to $120, often WITHOUT a battery or filter. You should pay no more than $60 for a complete light, including battery and filter, some even cheaper. Check out the Facebook FLM Mart for honest sellers at the right price (I will delete dishonest postings). Ebay is a secondary place to buy but be careful. Direct from China may be the least expensive (see the blog post). DO NOT buy this light on Amazon; as of this writing (7/31/18) ALL the Convoy deals there are ripoffs.  MinerShop does not sell these lights; don't ask.

  • FIRST - Filter installation, details are on the Nature's Rainbows blog post, but a FB user posted an excellent video of the installation here::

  • SECOND - Why a filter? Take a look at the two images below. Identical camera settings and exposure, with and without a filter. A filter reduces the visible blue light, making a big difference when photographing minerals, and for purists results in much more accurate colors. Up to your own personal preference if you want to use a filter.

  • THIRD - Batteries - there are many types available. Both protected and unprotected batteries will work in the Convoy. Most users have found that 18650 protected batteries from Orbtronic work great, but you can also get them from local Vape shops, battery outlets, and others. Be wary of cheap no-name brands; failure rates are high.…

  • FOURTH - Convoy knockoffs, "5 watt" Convoy type lights (which are really only ~3,8W), etc. Heat is an issue. I am wary of any light promising more power than the Convoy in the same mechanical "package". No-name lights, copycats, pretenders, 390/395nm purple flashlights, etc - caveat emptor. One exception to the knockoff comment is the "Torcia 365" by WTC; it is a Convoy relabeled and sold by many reliable distributors in our hobby.

  • FIFTH - Other lights: folks constantly post suggestions about other flashlights. Some are technically savvy, many are not. It seems to be a hobby for many folks, trying to find a better 365nm flashlight for less $$$. As of this writing, IMHO (in my humble opinion) there is nothing better for the price, size, and reliability. I will try to respond to each post as time permits, but cannot respond to private messages about each and every junk flashlight from China.

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