In general, the Ah capacity of batteries sold from China are not worth the plastic they are printed on. The vendors/manufacturers lie so they can get you to click on buying theirs over some other fraudster's batteries. Best to buy genuine Sanyo Eneloop or genuine Panasonics. Problem is the Chinese are so good at pirating the genuine article you cannot tell the difference from the outside

Friends don't let friends use crappy unfiltered 390nm flashlights.

This is an educational post, directed towards folks new to the hobby. There has been discussion in our FB group lately about using cheapie 39Xnm flashlights for fluorescent minerals. I am passionate about this - 400/395/390nm LED flashlights are useless for our hobby.

  • First of all, you can't put a filter on a 390nm flashlight - it would block most of the ligh...

A pet peeve of mine is honesty in advertising.  Over the past 3+ months I’ve seen companies advertising ever higher power Convoy type flashlights – usually with an LG LED. Every single one of these ads is misleading – I could say downright lies but my bet is that the folks doing so really just don’t understand how an LED works.

Although the LG LED used in the Convoy can be driven as high as 6.6 watts, none really are (except f...

It's the wild west out there!  About three years ago I wrote a blog post about the Convoy S2+ here on Nature's Rainbows.  The FLM collecting community embraced this new high-power LW flashlight and almost every serious hobbyist I know now has one in their toolkit.  Over the past three years there have been numerous copycats, "new" higher power flashlights, and dozens of garbage lights - all trying to improve on the origin...

I have happily been using and recommending the Convoy S2+ 365 nm UV flashlight since early 2017 when Mark Cole first posted about it. It is a fantastic product, small and powerful and cheap. However, it is a little too small and I found myself putting it down and forgetting to pick it back up enough times that I decided to buy more lights. Since I was at it, I figured I would buy some of the new lights from other manufacturers...

This post was made over four years ago. Since that time it has become outdated.  There is a new light - the Convoy FyrFly which is significantly brighter and a major next-generation of an already excellent light.  Technology moves on; I hope to do a review on it at some point.  (Mini review done: FyRFly - The Convoy Reimagined.

Until recently, the only LW lights collectors had to use (effectively) in the field were co...

A friend of mine bought a 385nm to 395nm 100 LED flashlight (presently being sold on Amazon:  It is advertised as having 100 high power LEDs and says - I quote "uvBeast - LATEST HIGHER RADIANT Intensity FLOOD EFFECT UV Flashlight Blacklight - 100 LED - Mega 18w 30ft UV Beam - Best for Commercial/Domestic Use Works Even in Ambient Light -...

A large thread developed discussing 405nm laser pointers and their use with fluorescent minerals.  The text content is copied below. The original thread can be found here.  Most of the names mentioned are probably still in the group and will likely answer any questions.

Steve Hutchcraft

July 24, 2015

Laser pointers. Looking for a 405nm version to help my daughter and me with the hobby. Awhile back, there was some good advice on t...

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