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Fluorescent Crystal Photography

All images by Wish Wang - 沈洪涛 - Wish joined our Fluorescent Mineral Facebook Group and posted a couple of amazing photos.  We asked his permission to add them to NR as an example of very creative and careful fluorescent photography.

Wish Wang, a native of Beijing, China, and the CEO of AB-tech(Arashi-Bee Technolog Ltd..  came into contact with photography since kindergarten. At that time, there was a simple darkroom built by his father and he often played with his father and did many things like exposing the film. During high school, he got his first camera, be enthusiastic about setting up thematic photographs with various subjects. also engaged in deep space photography of scenic documentary and astronomical subjects, also solar photography.

He became interested in mineral collecting in 2013 and quickly grew out of control since then. Up to now, he has collected about 2,000 pieces of collections, unlimited sizes and unlimited varieties, “Good-looking Photography” is his collecting standard. He began to contact with mineral photography including commercial, close-up and microscopic since 2014. Last year, he published his first mineral photography album "Mine Catching Phantom". After learning about fluorescent minerals through his friends, he began to try to photograph these beauties.

He is currently preparing his second book and a personal film exhibition. He is very happy to communicate with minerals collectors and always invite our fellows to come to his home to talk about our new collections.

Wish Wang - FBCA01DE-17FF-4B00-B0CB-DF06
Wish Wang - DD560371-DAE2-4171-88EE-E08A
Wish Wang - 27CF569A-DC5A-4852-8B16-5CA0
Wish Wang - F26A73C2-CF88-4A24-8F99-E299
Wish Wang - 1A4368D2-6B27-44F5-BB9A-1A77
Wish Wang - E9987B74-CE8E-44B9-9460-78C1
Wish Wang - E27BEE31-103D-4303-8A7D-B26D
Wish Wang - 65318B66-E12E-4BEB-BEAD-FA96
Wish Wang - 294323D3-AE62-4238-838F-B391
Wish Wang - E6C559FD-BB3C-4D7F-B472-3C26
Wish Wang - 8D3D7351-5E32-4A00-A620-0B20
Wish Wang - B4553039-328A-4B9E-BBF7-E6C0
Wish Wang - 80F4AD30-9F3C-4600-BE41-E6EE
Wish Wang - 939655CD-73AB-41ED-BC53-A6A9
Wish Wang - 568E77AE-A180-4B3C-B8C4-B213
Wish Wang - 04CD02E2-D25F-49DC-977E-BD34
Wish Wang - 2B525091-6C94-4E1B-91D1-725F
Wish Wang - 79B58D9F-D33F-49DD-85E2-8877
Wish Wang - 57AE3F61-828F-4F76-BB55-AB3A
Wish Wang - 51ED37AC-CE71-417F-8B80-3C3A
Wish Wang - 98BAA7A6-AADB-43CB-ADF6-F6AF
Wish Wang - 5D1FEFB3-2DEB-4A9D-9893-1D96
Wish Wang - 1E78C766-3711-4EE9-A1DC-55D7
Wish Wang - 02EAC2AE-52F0-45F0-BFD5-A21D
Wish Wang - 2B264222-A357-49E5-9DD8-6939
Wish Wang - D186D096-8DB6-4D26-86FF-2683
Wish Wang - ECA6E78D-6AA4-4BA5-AAB9-DB2A
Wish Wang - 987E84C3-0586-4A1C-BAE8-1A7E
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