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Fluorescent Mineral Light Review - Shortwave Battery Powered Field Lights

Rock collecting is a cheap hobby.

Fluorescent rock collecting is an expensive hobby.

Shortwave Mineral Lights

We've added some new pages to the Nature's Rainbow web site, including a review of the best mineral lights for our hobby. Check 'em out...

The mineral lights needed to prospect for our magnificent glow rocks are expensive, and serious lights are only available from a few manufacturers. There are many different kinds of lights out there - many of them are not useful in the fluorescent mineral hobby. Some are simply not suitable for fluorescent mineral collecting. You can expect to pay >$240 for a reasonable portable shortwave field light, and powerful home display lights can be a thousand dollars or more. There are lower cost entry level lights which will allow you to play around and learn - see if this hobby is for you. But expect to invest some money in serious lights if you catch the glowbug.

Nature's Rainbows Fluorescent Mineral Light Review:

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