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Agate from Scott's Gulf, Smyrna, Tennessee

Lost Creek Falls

8/31/17 - A major component of rock collecting (for me) is simply getting out in nature. A buddy dragged me out to a very remote area here in middle TN to hunt for agate. Since I'm a pure "Glow Hound" I wasn't anticipating any glow rocks, just the beauty of the area, but I brought my light anyway. We first visited Lost Creek Falls (a setting for a couple of the scenes in the "Jungle Book" movie) then proceeded another 10 miles down a hundred year old wagon trail (banjos in the distance) and along a creek bed. Agates everywhere - and glad I brought my light. Many had a very strong green fluorescence - a real plus for us in middle TN. Most every fluorescent mineral in our area glows either white or yellow, so green was a pleasing find.

We found lots of individual pieces in and around the creek but they were on the small side. After about 4 hours of collecting we decided to head back to the jeep when my buddy whacked a largish rock to reveal wonderful agate inside - the find of the day..... Until we hopped in the jeep and started the torturous drive out. "Stop" I shouted. At the side of the creek bed road was a huge boulder of what looked like agate. I hopped out, whacked it once, and voila, solid chunk of agate. We attempted to trim it down to size with our puny crack hammers (who expected to need a sledge when hunting for Tennessee agate?). Finally we two old men summoned up the courage to lift it into the back of the jeep without smashing a toe or pulling out a back. A good 200 lbs of solid agate, all glowing a nice green... Glow rocks can be found anywhere. You just gotta hunt (and break a lot of rock).

Agate under SW
Agate under white light

200 lb agate boulder

Scott's Gulf creek bed and "road"

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