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Black Display Boxes for Flats

(This is copied from a Facebook post by Bruce W. Black boxes are had to find for our hobby; white boxes destroy fluorescence.):

Ever want to store your glow rocks in boxes, but don't want to pay for flats? Do what I do - collect copy paper boxes at your place of business. Put the bottom of the box into the lid, then trace around it with a pencil. Use a carpet knife and yardstick to cut along the line, and presto, instant free flat.

But what to do about the fact that the inside of the box glows too brightly to effectively view fluorescent minerals? Paint the inside with chalk board paint:

But wait, you don't want all your rocks banging into each other and mixing up their ID cards during transport to your local FMS meeting, so what to do? You don't want to go to the trouble of painting a bunch of white specimen boxes black? Never fear, try these options:

  • Black jewelry boxes, cheap and come in many sizes. Sometimes the inside bottom needs painted black, but these come with faux black velvet:

  • Black desk drawer organizers. I have this one and it just barely fits a copy paper box:

  • Black meal prep/takeout containers. Single compartment for larger specimens, or triple compartment bento box style for smaller ones. Get them free by ordering takeout, or buy them cheap on eBay:

  • Black seedling water retainer trays, these are great:

All of these options are cheap and do not fluoresce. But wait, how to make mineral ID cards that don't fluoresce? Use black card stock and write on it with pink or orange colored pencil. Visible in daylight, and just barely fluoresces under UV to be readable without being obtrusive to glow rock viewing.

Hope this post helps somebody.


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