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Calcite, Diopside, and Chondrodite, Long Lake Zinc Mine, Parham, Ontario, Canada

This spectacular fluorescent specimen is from the Long Lake Zinc Mine, Olden Township, near Parham, Frontenac Co., Ontario, Canada. The Long Lake Zinc Mine (aka LLZ) location is has been a prolific producer of specimens that show a multitude of pastel fluorescent colors under UV. Under short wave UV, this specimen shows pink/orange fluorescence due to calcite, fluorescent yellow dots from chondrodite, and blue from fluorescent diopside. The size of this rock is 71 x 70 x 41 mm, and it weighs 217 gms. This specimen was featured as Photo of the Day on Mindat, 1/22/16.

The photograph above shows fluorescence under short wave UV (254 nm).

Same specimen shown under visible light.

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