Terlingua-Type Calcite from an Uncommon Midwestern Location- Indianapolis, Indiana

This is an unusual specimen of pink to white colored cleavage rhombs of calcite on limestone matrix, that show a Terlingua-type fluorescent response under UV. This piece was collected from one of the limestone quarries in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area and shows a classic Terlingua-type bright blue fluorescence with lasting phosphorescence under SW UV, and a bright pink response under LW UV. Under MW UV, the Terlingua-type area fluoresces a peach color with phosphorescence (not shown). Interestingly, under all wavelengths, this specimen simultaneously shows a distinct yellow response in a separate zone, and the Terlingua-like area cuts through the middle of the yellow zone of fluorescence. Under daylight, the Terlingua-type area has a distinct pink color, while the yellow fluorescing area is a yellowish-white color. The size of this specimen is 8.7 x 8.6 x 6.1 cm, and weighs 283 grams.

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