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Terlingua-Type Calcite from an Uncommon Midwestern Location- Indianapolis, Indiana

This is an unusual specimen of pink to white colored cleavage rhombs of calcite on limestone matrix, that show a Terlingua-type fluorescent response under UV. This piece was collected from one of the limestone quarries in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area and shows a classic Terlingua-type bright blue fluorescence with lasting phosphorescence under SW UV, and a bright pink response under LW UV. Under MW UV, the Terlingua-type area fluoresces a peach color with phosphorescence (not shown). Interestingly, under all wavelengths, this specimen simultaneously shows a distinct yellow response in a separate zone, and the Terlingua-like area cuts through the middle of the yellow zone of fluorescence. Under daylight, the Terlingua-type area has a distinct pink color, while the yellow fluorescing area is a yellowish-white color. The size of this specimen is 8.7 x 8.6 x 6.1 cm, and weighs 283 grams.

In the photo montage above, the specimen is shown under short wave UV (upper left), short wave phosphorescence (upper right), long wave UV (lower left), and visible light (lower right). Click on the photograph for larger images taken under each wavelength.

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