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Wollastonite, Sterling Hill Mine, New Jersey, USA

Wollastonite is a relatively common, but still sought after fluorescent material from the Sterling Hill Mine. This specimen, weighing in at just over 21 pounds, was recently collected from a massive boulder in the Noble Pit at the mine. The wollastonite glows yellow/orange in short wave and is evident by the brownish crystals in natural. The white material is a dimly fluorescent calcite. Interestingly, the further from the main orebody at the mine, the dimmer the calcite.

The last photo is of a different specimen cracked off the same boulder. The blue and the green material are unknown subject to much debate. They appear to be coatings of some sort are both commonly found with the wollastonite in the area. Conjectures regarding the green include opal, uranyl salts, or even flowstone with organic inclusions. The blue is most likely hydrozincite, but may be a carbonate coating of some sort. Further tests are coming from the experts at the mine.

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