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Brightly Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Celestine, Strontianite and Calcite, Lime City, Ohio

Beautiful fluorescent specimen consisting of clusters of celestine and calcite crystals, from the Stoneco Quarry, Lime City, Wood Co., Ohio. This single piece is like two specimens in one! One side is covered with blocky white celestine crystals, partially altered to strontianite. The reverse side is covered with off-white colored scalenohedral calcite crystals. Each side has a completely different look due to the different mineral coverage. The celestine and calcite show a similar fluorescent response: Under short wave UV the fluorescence is blue/white, and under long wave UV the response is a bit warmer. The calcite and celestine also show bright and lasting phosphorescence under both wavelengths. The size of this specimen is 50 x 32 x 26 mm.

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